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Harrison Twp.
Complete Design & Re-Construction

Plantings include Boxwood, Yews, Hydrangea, Knockout Rose, Sargent Crab and Amenanchier with a drip irrigation system.

Brick Pavers are Oaks, Colonnade with Fendt, Holland Stone.

Wallstone is Unilock, Pisa II

Riley Township Project.
Complete Design & Re-Construction

Removed existing patio & base material. 1750 SQ/FT of patio space with Bar-B-Q stall & fire pit.

Brick is Oaks, Holland Stone with Colonnade.

Wallstone is Unilock, Pisa II & Fendt Fire Pit Block

Shelby Township Project
Complete Design & Re-Construction.

Planting include Boxwood, Day Lily, Sargent Crab, Viburnum and Cleveland Pear.

Brick Pavers are Oaks, Romanesque with Fendt, Holland Stone

Wallstone is Unilock, Pisa II and Oaks, Laredo

Armada Project
Complete Design & Construction

Plantings include Boxwood, Yews, Sunset Maple, Viburnum, Knockout Rose, Amelanchier and Norway Spruce with a complete landscape lighting setup

Brick pavers are Oaks, Centurion with Unilock Brussels and Unigranite

Wallstone is Unilock, Pisa II

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